As you may be well aware, I’m always up for a good recommendation on something. 

Whether that’s a new type of food, an exercise variation, tv series or whatever. 

I’m always open to cop the tip. 

And today’s no different. 

Although this time it’s a little different. 

Today I’m interested in a recommendation on who you think would make a great interview on my Small Business Dads podcast

Basically if they’re an Aussie dad who runs a small business they fit the criteria. 

They don’t have to be a multi millionaire success story, 

more so just a bloke having a go and one that actually gives a you know what about spending time with his kids. 

That’s the main point of the show – just having other blokes sharing their stories. 

Both good and bad. In business and in parenting. 

We’re not telling other blokes what to do, more so giving them an option that may be appropriate to something they’re going through. 

If you haven’t checked it out, I’d love you to have a listen pretty much anywhere you can find your favourite podcasts, or check out the website below which has all the episodes. 

And if you listen on Apple, I’d definitely appreciate a rating and review too please. 

So if you do know anyone who’d be a good interview, 

obviously someone who doesn’t say much always makes it harder, 

then please pass their info onto me, or get them to drop me an email telling me about their story, their family and of course about their business.

My goal is to get these to 50 episodes before I have an extended break with it.

There’s currently 39 live and another 3 in the queue ready to go over the next few weeks, so I’m still keen to get another few lined up.

Appreciate you passing the idea on to anyone who you know, or maybe even you, who may be a good fit.


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