You may remember a few weeks ago I asked for some feedback and the like about how I can make DPM a better experience for those who come?

Well one of the answers I got I addressed in private at the time, but I should have taken the time to use this forum to explain to you too incase you had been wondering the same thing.

And that question was when are the weights coming back?

Or words to that effect.

So the answer in case you were wondering the same thing?

Not in the near future to be honest.

There’s a couple of reasons and none of them are to do with covid safe or whatever excuse a business wants to offer these days cause they no longer do something.

The first and the most important one is that they are in a pretty bad shape right now.

Last time I checked they were all rusted and need a bit of a makeover.

Before covid I actually got some course sandpaper and wire brush and paint to strip them back down and redo them.

Then covid hit and I thought perfect time to get it done.

Obviously I was none the wiser to the effects of having a 6 year old at the time at home that either needed to be entertained or sat with while doing school work, while we both tried to work full time simultaneously.

So it still hasn’t been done as it just isn’t high on my priority list.

The other reason why I didn’t put it higher on the list of things to do is cause they are a bit of a pain in the arse to get around in the car space wise and the like.

Besides, I figured that we have enough other bits of action – be that mini bands, resistance tubes, boxing, foam rollers and even just plain bodyweight exercises to still get more than an effective job done.

Sorry if it’s not the answer you wanted, but I haven’t ruled it out totally down the track, it’s just not my preferred means of getting a workout in at the moment.

Hopefully you can understand that position and that it doesn’t conflict with your exercise outcomes.


PS – let me know where you sit with this, or anything else that is on offer that I do, or you’d like to see me doing.

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