Something different for a Friday today for you to think about.

And it’s a simple question.

Well, for some the answer will be easy. For others, you might have to think a bit harder.

But give it a go anyways for a bit of fun.

Where in the world do you want to go first when everything opens up again – whenever that may be?

Maybe you had an overseas holiday booked last year you had to cancel and you want to cross that off?

Or maybe it’s the old adage – you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone theory – meaning maybe you’ve realised that now you can’t go somewhere, there is a place that you finally will actually go and see?

For me, I can’t really go anywhere too far.

Our passports expired in 2019 and I’m glad I didn’t find out till after they’d expired that they had actually done so cause it wouldn’t exactly be getting used right…

And the girls don’t have one, so it’d be a big task just to get that all organised before we actually even went anywhere.

So I’d go local and finally cross the Margaret River region off my bucket list.

As you may know, I do love a nice drop of wine and have always wanted to do the trip over to WA and see that part of the country.

I’ll get there one day.

So how about you? Where would you go when everything finally opens up – whenever that may be?

I guess you can even tie this back to the fitness side of things too when you think about it.

Where would you want to go with your fitness journey if you could go anywhere with it?

Is it crossing off an event you’ve always thought of competing in? 

Or fitting back into an old favourite piece of clothing? 

Or maybe you just want to stick at something for longer than you’ve been able to do in the past?

Whatever it is, if i can help you there, please let me know.



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