Got a theory of mine I want to share with you.

So indulge me if you will for a minute.

Developed it about 9 years ago with my now 9 year old niece, when she started standing up for herself and doing what babies do.

And this is has been reinforced time and time again with my niece and nephew and then with Emily since that day.

You might have noticed the same.

But my theory is babies are born perfect and we ruin them thereafter.

Don’t take this the wrong way.

It’s just society taking its toll.

What I mean is this:

have you ever watched a baby who can stand on their own feet just squat down and hold it for what seems like a stupid amount of time?

Watch their squat technique.

Absolutely text book.

Back straight.

Sitting back on their heels.

And just holding like it isn’t a thing.

I remember just sitting there in awe watching that for the first time.

Something that reinforced this for me the other day was a video that came across my facebook feed.

“6 month old can plank better than you”

Did you see it?

I’ve stuck the link in the comments if you’re interested.

But this baby was copying his mum do a plank – or a hover as we call it at Team DPM.

Perfect technique.

And held it for 36 seconds!

Pretty amazing right.

Then after a second break went back for round two!

I don’t know why, but babies seem to do everything in absolute text book way without any coaching.

It’s built into them.

Then as they get older something happens – life I guess – and they lose it.

For mine though, it just shows that something can be regained.

You can get back to where you were.

Don’t just write it off and say “it’s too late” or “i’ve slipped too far”.

Forget where you were.

Focus where you are now.

Start small and start making progress.

And just like the baby does – have a go.

Cause when they fall down, they just get straight up again right?

I’m down to 1 position available to join me for the DPM Online Body Transformation program.

Don’t miss out if you’re serious about doing something to get back to where you want to be this year.



PS – here’s that video of the baby. Be amazed…


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