We always bag the evils of social media, but there’s a couple of positive examples that I’ve seen in just the last couple of days alone.

The first was the #girldad trend that took off on Wednesday after an ESPN announcer mentioned her Kobe encounter and how proud he was being a dad of girls. 

I can second that and saying as a 2 x girl dad I can definitely say that it is awesome and I wouldn’t swap that for anything. 

The second one, and the one I want to share with you today was a post that went viral this week showing a Tassie grandmother showing her grandkids an example of how much food you can buy for the same price as a pack of smokes.

It started when one of the kids overhead how much it cost someone ordering the smokes in front of them had to pay and mentioned “that’s expensive”. 

The grandmother did a cool thing to try and persuade them that not only is smoking bad for your health, that it’s a waste of money too. She did a comparison of how much food you can get. 

You can see the post and the picture comparison here cause I can’t do it justice just talking about it. 

Needless to say it hit the spot and at the time of writing this had over 6000 reactions. And if you didn’t see the photo, you can imagine how much food you can buy for the same $56.95 that the cigarettes cost. 

If you wanted to be really picky you could argue that you can buy better things then she did, but I’m guessing she bought what she normally buys and things the kids would have been familiar with so it makes for a better teaching point.

I love it, and if we can persuade more kids not to smoke when they get older, they’ll thank us in the long run. I don’t know official stats, but there seems a lot less smoking now with younger people than back when I was that age. 

Let’s hope it continues 

Have a good weekend.



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