Some good news to share today for you.

Not that it’s just over a week to Christmas. Your kids might be more excited than you are over that thought.

But this comes at a very appropriate time.

Obviously at this time of year we always indulge in a bit of the festivities a little bit more than usual.

The food and drink gets a bit more relaxed.

I know mine already has.

Possibly a sign that the year has been an interesting one and the body is already starting to wind down?

Anyways, this is 12 months of research over 1000 people with a fitness background.

Note, this isn’t a university theoretical study – this is from one of the biggest brands in the fitness industry (Precision Nutrition) and a study that they did with all their clients.

They found this:

“Apparently, people only had to be consistent just 50% of the time in order to make good progress, lose weight, and transform their health. 

That means out of all the workouts, all the healthy eating habits, and all the lifestyle changes we recommended… Being just 50% consistent changed everything”. 

BANG! as Mike Breen would say when calling a big three point shot for all the NBA fans reading this.

Pretty exciting finding right?

The key word here is consistent.

It’s nice to see this in an actual finding – especially at this time of year.

And basically it sums up what I’ve been saying for years. Yes you can enjoy yourself, you just have to put in a little bit of work too.

So take this finding and enjoy yourself.

Yes, obviously you can get whatever result you want faster by doing it the other way, but is it worth it if you’re miserable in the process? 

You know the answer to that.

I’d rather a slower result and enjoy life a little bit more than those people.


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