Multiple choice question today.

What’s your priority?

a) sleep

b) fitness

Now you could be like the little girl in the old taco ad from a few years ago and say “why not both?”

But for the argument now, are you a or b?

Actually before I get you to lock in your answer, I should give you a bit more context.

Cause obviously both are pretty important when it comes to actually realising your training potential and achieving what you initially set out to achieve.

What I’m talking about here is when you’re sleep deprived, and not just from a bad nights sleep once, but I mean a few nights in a row.

Maybe work is under the pump for you?

Maybe one of the kids are sick and caused a bit of a sleepless couple of nights?

Maybe you’re just the type of person who really finds it hard to unwind and switch the mind off?

Whatever, but I’m talking about this example here.

Are you the type of person who is answer a – meaning you’re inclined to try and sleep and listen to the body or answer b – you’re going to get your workout in no matter what?

And to be honest here, what I’m going to say might surprise you.
Sometimes the right answer is to be like the taco girl and have a bit of both.

And sometimes it is going to even be an a – and let the sleep win.

I know it’s counterintuitive for me to tell you to actually sleep in and miss a session.

But sometimes, sleep is what the body actually needs.

And if you can’t get the sleep, the rest might be almost as good.

Now of course there’s a fine line here.

You can’t just say I’ll take sleep cause I can’t be arsed to get out of bed and get to training.

If that’s becoming your norm, then we need to talk cause we have to break that habit before it becomes too far ingrained.

What I’m talking about is if you’re the type of person who usually wouldn’t miss training come rain or shine, sickness, sleep or whatever.

Sometimes we need to be saved from ourselves.

To give the body a break.

To enable it to recover and prevent yourself from picking up a little niggle or worse.

Cause if we’re not running on optimum performance – we’re prone to a higher risk of something happening.

The key is to listen to your body.

Not to take it as an easy out, but if it’s telling you something that it normally doesn’t, then maybe we need to ease up and lighten your load for a week.

We can give you alternatives if you still feel it’ll benefit you from getting something in.

Cause of course the mental benefits from exercise are definitely worth it.

If you feel like this may be you at the moment, either pull me aside after training one morning or reply to this and let me know what’s going on.

Cause after all, I can sometimes pick up if you seem off, but I obviously don’t know what’s going on totally with you.

If you need help, let me know.