Something a little different today to start your week.

What has been your biggest win, or wins, since you started with DPM?

Hopefully this helps you look back on all the good things you have accomplished over the last however long it’s been and helps start your week off on the right foot.

Have a think back to where you were.

Have a look at where you are now.

We are all our own harshest critic, but today let’s focus on the good things that you’ve done.

No matter how big or small.

Does it revolve around you coming to almost every session for the last however long?

Does it involve a milestone event that you were able to cross off your bucket list?

Does it revolve around fitting into old clothes that didn’t fit?

Maybe it’s just being able to run around with your kids for longer?

So don’t be shy, I’d love to know what your biggest wins have been.

Give yourself a pat on the back to start your week.

Even if you don’t feel like sharing, I hope you still take time to reflect back and give yourself a wrap.



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