With all the rain that we had over the weekend and into the last few days it definitely helped that we could utilise zoom as a tool to give the DPMers some training action.

I’m not going to judge if someone decides they want to zoom in instead of come in person when it’s absolutely pouring down outside.

I’d rather them get some exercise in regardless of the method.

And with all that rain, it’s understandable that your regular workout routine may have gone out the window.

Especially if it usually involves an outside type of training.

Which brings me to ask this question:

Do you have a plan b?

When it’s raining and you can’t get outside do you have an option that you can go to?

Or does your session just get wiped?

Sunday I didn’t get my afternoon walk in but I had already done a workout that morning.

Monday the rain wasn’t as bad so I took an umbrella and got outside anyways.

And like I said, some DPMers utilised the zoom function that we now have available – one of the positives to come out of the lock down.

Even if the weather is fine and you happen to sleep in or miss your regular session for one reason or another, have you got something to revert back to?
The DPMers who are doing the DPM 6 Week Winter Challenge have a workout option they can revert to instead of our regular in person sessions.

Those who invested in my Short N’ Sweet book have those options to chose from when they can’t do their normal workout.

What about you?

What’s your plan b for when life, or the weather, gets in your way?

It pays to have something lined up as a back up so you don’t fall behind with what you are wanting to achieve.

Sure, things happen and once in a blue moon a missed session won’t hinder your long term progress.

Sometimes a rest can even be good for the body, and for your results.

But if that happens again and again, obviously that’s not a good idea.

So if you can take anything out of this message today, it is to make sure you have a plan b up your sleeve incase you can’t do your regular planned training session.

And if I can help with that plan b, be that via zoom workout sessions or my book or anything else, please let me know.


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