I’ve asked this question plenty of times over the last 13.5 years,

and I’ll hopefully ask it many more times over the next however many years I’m around for,

but today I have one simple question to ask you:

What can I help you with?

This is relevant whether you’re a current DPMer and want to see something included as part of your training.

Or maybe you have something you want to focus on that we can set some benchmarks for.

Maybe you’re not training with me at the moment, but just enjoy reading these?

Maybe there’s something you’d like to see covered in this email that I send you each day?

Whatever it is, let me know cause my job is obviously to help you.

And I can do that better if we’re on the same page.


PS – If your answer to that question is a short and simple, yet effective bodyweight workout that you can do at home I’ve got you covered. Grab a copy of my book here for only $20 delivered