Chances are you aren’t into 90’s hip hop as much as me.

90’s hip hop and 80’s- early 90’s hair bands are as good as music gets.

So I’ll fill you in.

Back in the day there was a song from Dr Dre called ‘what’s the difference’.

“What’s the difference between me and you,

you talk a good one but you don’t know what you’re sposed to do”

And that’s the point today.

To paint a picture.

Picture this: Two people in exactly the same position.

* Both miserable and absolutely fed up of being tired & run down.

* Sick of feeling like crap

* Sick of being at the stage of “I’ll start Monday”

Both have the same tools available.

Both have the same level of intelligence.

Both have the same time and stress pressures on them.

Both have the same excuse why not to do something.

Cause after all we’re all busy right?

Both know exactly what to do to change their situation.

BUT only one of them does something about changing it.

The other one will just bitch about why they can’t do it.

Instead of trying to find out why they can do it.

Or how they can make it work for them.

You see, the thing that I’ve come to realise is this:

We all know exactly what to do to lose weight, get more energy,

feel better about ourselves so we don’t have to undress in the dark in front of our partner.

BUT the difference lies in the execution.

The difference lies in the one person who is prepared to put their hand up and ask for help

but then take action and do something about it.

Cause we all know what to do. 

We’ve heard it all before in one form or another.

What’s the difference?

Apart from one of those being ready to make a change because she was completely sick of where she was

and doing what she was doing.

Execution is the difference.

She drew the line in the sand.

Enough was enough.

She needed the accountability to help her get over the line.

Not just ‘another diet’ to follow

Who are you?

If you need help with the accountability then maybe it’s time you joined us.

We’re at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill and you get the sessions in before you start your busy day in the office.

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PS – I only work with the executors.

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