This could be a really quick email.

Cause there’s isn’t a ‘best’ time of day.

It depends on you!

The best time of the day to workout is when you are going to do it.

Simple really isn’t it?

Some people perform better in the mornings.

Some you would rather walk over broken glass then disturb before the sun rises.

Some are suited to lunch hours to give them a break, 

or an excuse, to get out from behind the desk.

Some need to get it done after the kids go to bed at night.

So, as you can see it’s all pretty subjective.

I could spin you some BS about it being scientifically more effective

if you exercised when the sun was at a certain co-oridnate in the sky

because it means you get that extra 1% out of your workout.

But really, do it when you can.

Just get it done.

The one thing I do tend to find however, is that a large majority of busy people prefer to get it done early.

Before their day starts.

I like that cause it means nothing else can get in the way.

You can’t get stuck at your desk cause your boss wants a thousand things done before yesterday.

You can’t get a call that your kid is sick and have to pick them up.

Plus you get the benefit of the ‘kick start’ to the day.

The feel good feeling that you get after you’ve exercised.

The good hormones are released in your brain.

You’re less stressed.

You’re possibly not even as tired.

You’re not craving that coffee hit so you don’t kill someone who looks at you the wrong way.

Although that first coffee does taste good right?!

Good news is for you that all my DPM small group sessions are in the morning.

We’re at Observatory Hill or Lilyfield and they’ll have you feeling more energised, less stressed and of course, a few kilos lighter after the first month.


And guess what, despite what the weather today will have us believe, 

Spring is only 1 week away.


Are you ready?

If not, lets get that tune up happening.

Come join us


By the way, you won’t be the most unfit one there with everyone making jokes behind your back.

We’re not some gym junkie cross fit class where you have to be under 30 and in peak condition.

We’re all trying to get better, working on our own thing.

Too busy getting our own thing done to worry about how you’ll think you’ll look!

Just take that first step.



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