How many times have you been asked that question from the kids?

Usually followed by a “I hate that” or “yuck!’

Yep. The struggle is real.

So rather than give you a dinner recipe that the kids will eat (there’s enough of them in my Quick, Healthy Meals Cookbook),

I want to give you an out.

A chance for just you and your partner to get away from the noise for a change.

No, I’m not offering to babysit for you.

You’ll have to take care of that.

But I do want to shout you a dinner out – minus the kids.

You interested?

All you have to do is encourage someone you know in your circle of influence, whether that be a work colleague, your sister or even your partner to come and join me at DPM.

As you may be aware, I like to look after those who look after me.

And once they’ve been with me for only 6 short months.

well book the babysitter cause you’re going out to dinner!

I’ll shout you a dinner voucher to the value of $200.

Your friend will get one too as their extra incentive.

I’ll also shout them two weeks on the house at the start so we can see whether we’re a good fit for each other.

And if it happens to be your partner that does join (like I’ve had happen lately), I’ll be shouting you a $400 dinner or 2 x $200 – your call.

I mentioned this to a couple who I train just last week as they were due for their dinner out and they were pleasantly surprised by my offer.

Yes, it’s generous.

I get that.

But here’s the deal because you know me, I like to be upfront.

Without them, and without you, I wouldn’t have a business.

And after being in business for coming up to 13 years later this year, I am well aware of that.

I’ve also wasted WAY too much money on crappy advertising that doesn’t work.

Still to this day.

Some stuff I’d just be better off flushing the money down the toilet (at least I could see what happens to it!)

So, I’d much rather invest that money in a reward for you to help spread the DPM word, and for you to have a nice night out.

Cause if your life is like mine, you don’t get to do that enough with just you and your partner these days.

The other thing, I’m also well aware of, is that when people join DPM, they are usually in for the long haul.

Sure, there’s a minority who come and go for a short time, but the majority are here for the long ride.

Meaning, a $400 dinner investment on my behalf is actually quite smart.

As I once heard from an old business coach back in the day,

you have to be happy to give away a percentage of a profit that don’t have, to get a profit that you may well never would have had in the first place.

Fair enough?

So yes, it rewards you. But it also helps me grow my business too which I’m not afraid to admit.

Because the more successful I am, the more people get help and a solution for something they may never have been able to achieve in the first place.

So rack your brain or your contact list.

Hit them up and invite them to come check me out for 2 weeks.

Just send them this link


And I’ll shout them 2 weeks free to see whether we’re a good fit.

Just make sure they mention your name and when they join, I’ll mark their 6 month anniversary in my diary to get you your dinner vouchers!


PS – if you have any questions about this just let me know and I’ll be happy to answer 

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