Just like I hinted yesterday,

there’s going to be some changes made to the way things are done next year at DPM.

Now, DPMers already in the loop are sweet.

They’ll only benefit you.

And I’ll be giving you an opportunity in the next week or so to give me some feedback on what you’d like to see happen next year as part of your training.

So stay tuned for that.

Cause I’m always open to what you think.

But for anyone who comes on board next year – even by referral things will be different.

The investment will be changing.

Cause right now, anyone who joins DPM through a current client gets ‘mates rates’.

Plus they get the opportunity to score a free dinner on me once they’ve been around for 6 months.

As you may be aware the client referring them gets one too.

Things as they are though, will change cause my costs have increased over the last few years.

As most peoples have in this day and age of course.

It’s life.

So the rewards and incentives will still stay – that $200 dinner gift card after 6 months

– and the free month rebate will of course stay for the client who encourages them to join us.

But their investment to join us next year will be increasing.

Of course, if you’re already in Team DPM, you’re investment will stay the same.

I don’t want to penalise you.

Just if you have someone who may be on the fence about joining us, or coming down and checking us out,

or maybe they’ve mentioned ‘I’ll start next year’, this is a little incentive to get them over the line before then.

Fair enough?

So if you do have someone interested, or you yourself may be interested, this week is the last week I’ll be taking new clients this year

– so you can still get some benefit out of a final 4 week blast leading into Christmas.

Thanks for spreading the word to anyone who may be keen (and who wants to beat the increase that’s coming in January).


PS – Of course, they can have 2 weeks on the house to check us out before having to make a decision.

But for now, more info on our timetable is below or hit reply and ask if you have a question



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