I’d like to think that over the last few years I’ve developed a pretty cool transformation model and there’s some DPMers reading this who’d no doubt agree as they’ve benefited from the game plan.

Over the years we’ve experimented from anything in 12 weeks in length (too long to maintain motivation and interest throughout was the feedback), 6 weeks, 4 weeks and the now current 8 weeks length format.

The 4 was great cause it meant you only had to commit to a short time frame, yet could see some pretty noticeable results when you pretty much followed the DPM protocol.

The downside of that was if you had a bad week which can happen when life gets in the way, it put you way behind the eight ball and often people saw that as a reason to not keep going.

Not always, but it happened. And as per usual, I like to give full disclose for everything and nothing ever has a 100% success rate.

When we experimented with the 8 weeks just before Christmas we found it was the perfect length.

Short enough so you can see the finish line at the end which is important cause you don’t feel like you have to sign your life away to something that may not seem sustainable for you.

(although in saying that, the common feedback is how reasonable and doable the expectations and the game plan is)

Yet it’s also long enough to see some pretty amazing transformations.

The last one saw the winner drop 10kg and the comparison shots are amazing.

We’ve also experimented with different ways of delivery, with the latest being the WhatsApp addition which allows for more interaction which is cool.

The other new addition was the DPM Trainerize app so all you have to do is press play with the videos and follow along with me as I do it with you in real time.

And the workouts followed the sequence of my book so you could get a more detailed version of the exercise demonstrations which helps someone who hasn’t done our stuff before (or for a while).

Anyways, all of that stuff is pretty cool if I do say so myself, but I’m also always open to experiencing new ideas and implementing them too in the next edition.

Which leads me to my question  -what would you add that would help you pull the trigger and come on board and join us?

Maybe it’s something you’ve struggled with that you need help with? (and if you struggle with it, chances are someone else does too)

Maybe it’s a tool that can help you (and everyone else) get the best results possible?

I don’t know.

That’s why I ask you.

Let me know your thoughts on anything you’d like to see included.

Then join me today for only $199 that covers your 8 weeks of accountability and coaching support and of course the two different workouts that we’ll be following.

We start officially on Monday Feb 4 (2 weeks from today) but you can get a early head start if you feel you need an extra kick now)


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