Do you find that you struggle to remember important things?

Maybe the old memory ain’t what it used to be, but all isn’t lost thanks to this comforting research at least.

This time from University of Maryland in the States.

They found that their target group – adults aged 55-85 had better results remembering things after they performed a moderate intensity exercise session.

Very interesting wouldn’t you agree?

The way I interpret this is that if you have something important on at work, 

be that a meeting or function or report due or whatever, 

you’re going to be better prepared if you exercise that morning before you go in for the big close.

We all know the benefits of exercise endorphin wise and so forth, but this memory thing is an interesting new thing.

Kinda beats being in front of the screen trying to finish last minute things when you’re stressed.

So a new approach might be to get in a quick workout that morning, then go back and put the finishing touches on it when your head is clearer.

Are you willing to give it a go?

I get that you may be short on time on those occasions so can’t always join in our in person sessions, but what you can do is get in a Short ‘n Sweet workout straight out of my book.

As the name suggests, the workouts are short, and they work.

I do these myself every now and then and they always get my heart rate up and feeling good afterwards.

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