Had some thoughts go through my head last night as I was laying in bed.

Normally, my head hits the pillow and I’m out.

Last night I found myself thinking about the day I just had with Emily.

And that the best thing I ever did was take Mondays off and spend with just her and me.

I’m sure you can agree that it ain’t always roses and fairy tales being a parent.

But the good days sure make up for the crap ones.

It really hit home last night when I was thinking back to why I decided to take more time off with her.

I didn’t want to just be a weekend Dad.

After she was born I was still doing night sessions and sometimes didn’t get to see her that day.

That sucked.

So I cut halved the night sessions then stopped em all together at the start of last year.

Great move number one.

And when Bron went back to work full time I decided to take the plunge and take off Mondays with her.

Well, to be honest, I still do the early Lilyfield group but I’m home before 7:30am.

Then it’s just us two.

Yesterday was one of the great days.

We’ve butted heads a little bit lately with the typical 2 year old tantrum and things so it was a day that was needed.

As much for my sanity as for our relationship together.

Plus, it just reinforced why I took the financial hit by refusing to train people at night.

Sure I could’ve made more coin.

But I can’t get back the time I have with her.

Cause one day I’m realistic to know I’m just going to be an ATM to her.

Like every Dad is to their kid at some point.

She doesn’t care how big a house we live in or how many new toys she has.

She’d be just as happy sitting with a $2 colouring book and some textas or crayons.

She just wants to spend time with me at this age.

Which is cool.

Sure, the money is important don’t get me wrong,

I’ve still got a mortgage to pay.

And it doesn’t get paid by thinking happy thoughts.

And I still want to do nice things with her.

But it’s a reminder why I took a short term financial hit to be there with my girl.

I know not everyone can do what I can do and take that time off.

And it isn’t a judgement on them.

Being your own boss has its advantages.

So I’m grateful to be able to do that.

And it’s a good reminder to me when she’ll be doing my head in next time!

That’s enough soppy stuff for today but you get where I’m coming from yeah?

Back to normal fitness related stuff tomorrow…


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