This could be a really short message if I just said whatever one you’ll do.

But it’s true.

Now if I have to give you a specific answer though,

cause you’re reading this for answers right?!

I’m going to say it’s got to include a couple of things:

1) Something that is going to get your heart rate up

Now this is obviously going to be dependent on where you are now.

If you’re starting out, getting your heart rate up might be something as simple as a walk.

Or if you’ve been doing this training caper for a while now,

it will obviously need to be something a bit more in depth.

2) That means you need to pick exercises that work a number of body parts at the same time.

So stuff like push ups, deadlifts, squats, rows are all perfect examples.

Other bodyweight examples that you’ll find us do at DPM is stuff like Blast Offs, Tabletop Holds and so forth.

Even midsection exercises like Up and Overs and Side to Side hovers hit pretty much every muscle in that midsection of yours.

And when we do Hovers you’ll notice that we use a roller to once again maximise everywhere it hits.

Boxing is also a great full body workout when you do it properly.

Otherwise it’s just your arms getting smashed if you’re not using your hips to power your punch.

That’s basically the secret.

Short and simple right?

The real trick is putting it all together into a workout that not only minimises your time that you need to commit each week,

cause none of us have endless time to commit to the cause,

but also the right structure to putting it all together.

Knowing what order it needs to be done to maximise your workout efficiency.

And that’s where I come in at DPM.

To take all that confusion out of it.

So if you’re in need of a personal ‘tune up’,

I’ve got two vacancies for a short term 6 week personal training block.

Best still, you don’t have to pay in a once off lump sum.

You can budget for this and split the payments equally every fortnight.

Perfect if that’s how your pay cycle works.

We can do either one or two sessions a week

(depending on our diaries aligning)

but it might just be the perfect thing to get you back into a routine now the weather isn’t as hot and Easter is out of the way.

If you’re interested, hit reply and let me know.

Or if you know someone who may find this of benefit, I’d appreciate you passing this one on to them.


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