Not sure whether you saw through social media last week,

But there was a grab that caught my eye. 

A 70 year old grandmother on the Today show talking about how she looks so young. 

Catch it?

The spoiler alert is she gave up sugar. 

The controversy though all over social is she’s been accused of having surgery. 

And to be honest, when you see a 70 year old whose face doesn’t move, you can easily argue for the prosecution. 

You can judge for yourself cause I’ll post the link in the ps. 

Whether she has or she hasn’t is none of my business although she does look good. 

The one thing I do know however, is that we can all do with cutting down on the sugar. 

I wouldn’t exactly be substituting with the stuff she’s pushing, 

nor do I recommend going totally sugar free as part of the DPM detox. 


Cause long term it isn’t really sustainable. 

Sure, it works, but there’s easier ways to lose the stubborn kilos that you never seem able to shift from your tummy. 

What we do recommend is a carb cycling approach.

All you have to do is follow this blue print that all new DPMers get their hot little hands on.

That same blueprint that has worked time and time again for many busy mums just like you.

Want to find out more?

Click the link below, answer the couple of questions and take that next step.


I’ll then be in touch with a time for us to talk about things further


PS here’s that interview – make your own mind up


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