I’ll preface this by saying this story is not a joke.

I’m not trying for a punch line, it’s actually a true story.

So enjoy the ride…

And you can say that karma is well and truly alive here.

Back in January last year three lions were found poisoned and had their paws and heads cut off in a game park in South Africa.

Fast forward a year to earlier this year and the lions got their own back.

A poacher who trespassed onto the game park got eaten and there was just the head and a few other parts left.

Graphic and gross.

But karma always wins.

Leave them to their environment and he would’ve been sweet.

Call me cold hearted but I laughed when I read this.

No sympathy for a poacher who should just leave these creatures to do their thing.

So what does of this lion stuff have to do with what I normally share?

Plenty to be honest.

The main one being that if you’re going to try and take a short cut when it comes to losing some stubborn kilos (or anything really), it’ll come and backfire on you.

Maybe not leading to you being eaten by a lion, but it’ll come back to haunt you.

Sure, you may get some instant gratification but long term, it won’t work.

Cause when it comes down to it, as per always, it is a simple formula.

Move more and eat less.

Not exactly rocket science.

You can try and jazz it up by taking a shortcut like surgery or a dangerous diet that’ll give you some instant hit.

But you know where that’s going to lead to if you don’t change what got you to that situation in the first place.

I don’t want you to be eaten by a lion, but I’d like for you to try and be sensible when it comes to dropping the kgs.

Be smart.

But be patient.

Of course you can still get some pretty great results in the first 4 weeks when you follow a DPM game plan, you just won’t have to compromise your long term health in getting there.

But really there isn’t a short cut.

Besides, that’s not as satisfying anyway.

Win-win right?


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