Got another interesting research finding to share today.
And this one might be of interest to someone who may be, to use a politically incorrect term these days, obese or overweight.

It’s good news to.

But with a small little bit of fine print as per always.

There was a study that was only just published on September 20 in iScience that has found that the risk of dying because of obesity is basically eliminated, or greatly reduced when you have a moderate to high level of cardio fitness.

How good is that news? And actually one the body positive movement should be running with – no pun intended.

Especially when you consider that according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website that 67% of Aussie adults fit into this category from a 2017-18 report.

So basically, the recommendations are that there should be a shift in the focus and higher priority towards physical activity and cardio fitness within the health care system.

And it all makes sense.

The healthier that people are fitness wise and health wise – as a result of more activity, regardless of their actual size, means that the burden on the health care system will be less.

They’re calling the approach a weight neutral strategy which makes sense.

And it all flows on too.

If your kids see you being more active, they are likely to want to join in too.

Cause it will seem normal to them.

I know my kids see my do enough unhealthy things like drinking a couple of wines or whatever, but they are also seeing me doing something healthy for my body everyday – especially now when we can’t leave the house being stuck in isolation.

The exercise has been my outlet even more so now.

All of this is not to say that people who want to lose weight shouldn’t. 

Of course there’s always going to be people who want to do that – and should be encouraged when they do. The report even mentions that which is good to see.

I guess the main shift is that it’s cool to be either side now – providing you follow the small print and actually work on your physical activity levels.

Hope this little bit of info helps.


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