Time for the regular weekly Friday wrap of the first ever DPM Winter Olympics.

How’s your race for one of the medals going?

Are you in contention?

Remember, it’s still not all over yet.

In fact we have a new leader alert today!

There’s 2 weeks of competition left and cause of my enforced absence through sickness last week it won’t actually finish on the 31 August as originally planned.

If you normally attend on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, your sessions will count on the 3rd and 4th September as a make up.

Then the winners will be announced after that.

And here’s a reminder of what the prizes are:

Gold Medal: A DPM Hoodie in the size of your choice and a $50 Rebel Voucher to put towards some training gear

Silver Medal: A DPM T-shirt in your sizing of choice and a $30 Rebel Gift voucher to put towards some training gear

Bronze Medal: A DPM T-shirt in your sizing of choiceAlso I’d love if you can encourage a mate to join you to ensure you get 5 bonus points that’ll definitely put you back into contention if you’re further down the leaderboard as things stand.

Now over to the leaderboard:

1. Chris – 11 #New leader!

2. Georgie – 10

2. Liza – 10

3. Paula – 9

4. Al – 8

4. Cathy – 8

4. Kasey – 8

5. Linda – 7

5. Pete – 7

6. Annette – 6

6. Cheryl – 6

6. Dave S – 6

6. Scott – 6

7. Alice – 5

7. Jane – 4

7. Josh – 5

Everyone else is on 4 to 1.

Remember this currently isn’t even – this weeks update runs from last Friday to yesterday, and if you attend on Thursday you have an extra day counted so far on top of that.

But it’ll all even out at the end cause I’m away next Thursday to Saturday in Melbourne (remember we started it on a Thursday back in week 1)


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