Kinda ironic that I had scheduled an email for Wednesday about the early bird catching the worm, and encouraging you to get up early and train,

only to find myself at that exact time the email was sent out laying in bed instead of being at the DPM morning groups.

But you definitely don’t plan on getting hit by an ordinary dose of food poisoning.

Anyways, that’s hopefully in the rear view mirror now and we can move on with things back to normal.

As a result, the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions obviously didn’t go ahead, so with that in mind, this current leaderboard for the DPM Winter Olympics isn’t even.

So for those who did miss out on those two days of action, don’t worry, you won’t be ripped off, after the official 6 week period ends on 31 August, I’ll add the following Tuesday and Wednesday attendances to give us a final standing.

So it’ll all even out in the wash.

That might make for an interesting finish anyways to be honest having a bit of a wait until the final places are known.

If you’re only behind by a session or two, those 2 potential days of training action might push you over the line for a medal placing.

And if it stays as close as it is now, that is definitely possible.

Of course, you can put a bit of an gap between you and the opposition, or get back into contention, just by encouraging a friend to come and check us out for 2 weeks on the house. That’ll score you 5 bonus points instantly.

Now to the leaderboard as of yesterdays sessions:

1. Georgie – 9

2. Chris – 8

2. Paula – 8

3. Liza – 7

4. Al – 6

4. Cathy – 6

4. Kasey – 6

4. Linda – 6

4. Pete – 6

5. Cheryl – 5

6. Alice – 4

6. Annette – 4

6. Dave S – 4

6. Jane – 4

6. Josh – 4

6. Scott – 4

Everyone else has between 3 down to 1 session total.\

How do you stand now?

Remember, these numbers are skewed against you now if you would’ve attended this Tuesday or Wednesday, but you’ll make that up at the end. 

There’s also an extra Thursday counted so don’t lose heart if you’re a session or two down. 

It’s still anyones race.

But remember there’s only 2 ways to get points – show up and train and refer a friend.

It’s that simple.

have a good weekend.