It’s game on after 2 weeks of the DPM Winter Olympics.

Here’s where things stand as of Wednesday arvo for the top 5:

1. Georgie – 8 (incl. 5 bonus points)

2. Chris – 7

3. Paula – 6

4. Al – 5

4. Pete – 5

5. Cathy – 4

5. Dave S – 4

5. Kasey – 4

5. Linda – 4

5. Liza – 4

5. Scott – 4

Everyone else has between 3 and 1 session crossed off.

Not too far off the pace to make a run.

How are you placed?

Don’t forget that the calendar for this at the moment runs from Thursday to Wednesday to cater for the few days (Thursday-Saturday) that I’ll be away for from 22-24 August.

Obviously, it will all balance out then and the final week will be counted from Monday to Saturday for the run home.

With this leaderboard in mind, do you need to pick up the game and get another session or two under your belt to get back on the pace?

Remember, even if you are a few points behind now, there’s still 4 weeks left so it’s still anyones game.

Especially if you can string together a few back to back sessions over the next few weeks.

And if you can get a friend over the line to come along and check us out you’ll score the extra 5 bonus points.

So who are you inviting?


PS – and if you want to upsize your training package, let me know (and I’m happy to organise a family rate for you and your partner if you both want to do 2 sessions a week)