We’ve all seen the bad stories over the last 2 weeks on the news and social media showing that humans can in fact be real ar$eholes, but I wanted to share something today that is off topic, but exactly what we need now more than ever.


I was watching this happen in real time on Twitter but then I read a New York Times story a few days later. 

There’s a bloke in the States that I follow on Twitter, Shea Serrano.

He’s an author but I follow him cause he loves his basketball and he’s occasionally on a podcast that I listen to and he’s always been a good listen on there. 

But the other day he started to do something cool. He realised that a lot of people were doing it tough right now – especially those on minimum wage who have lost their jobs or had their shifts cut. 

So he put out a call for those who were struggling and had a bill they couldn’t pay to send him their venmo details and he’d cover it for them.

That was obviously a cool gesture, which I’ve seen him repeat since.  He’s already donated about $14k to help those who need it pay their bills.

But the real cool thing was people who followed him started to pay people’s bills too.

That’s a great thing to see in this day and age when everything else is doom and gloom and rather than post something fitness related today I wanted to share this to hopefully show you that not everyone in society is a piece of shit who pushes old ladies over to get toilet paper, or hoards everything like the world is ending or lines up for guns in America.

Got another home workout coming for you tomorrow for those who appreciated last weeks one.



PS – want to read the story yourself? Check out the NY Times story below

And if you’re on Twitter give Shea a follow he’s obviously a good bloke

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