First day of Spring.

And a pretty nice day to boot.

Always a nice milestone to cross of that damned winter for another year.

Yes, I know that we’re not totally done with the cold weather.

There’s always a couple of cold days that’ll come up and remind us who’s boss.

But psychologically at least it’s a win.

Wouldn’t you agree?

The beauty with this means we’re not going to have bother about wearing a thousand layers of clothes pretty soon.

Give it a few weeks then pack em away for another year.

Hopefully for you it’s an upside.

How did you go with the winter baggage?

Most people tend to pack on about 5kg during the colder months.

Not always a bad thing – so long as you do something about it when it starts to warm up.

Cause if 5kg this year, becomes 10kg next year and so on,

the overall picture is not a good one.


So what can you do to start moving more?

It really isn’t as hard as you think it may be.

No, you don’t have to spend hours each day – or even hours each week.

No, you don’t have to kiss goodbye every food that you’ve ever held dear.

No, you don’t have to join some bloody boot camp wear some muppet wears camo and prances around yelling at you like you’re in the army.

I figure you’ll actually join the army if you want that…

But what you can do is join me as part of the DPM Busy Mums Transformation System.

This 4 week program is done online so you don’t have to attend any sessions in person.

Want to find out more and see how plenty of other busy mums just like you have benefited?


and for only $97 let me change the way you look and feel about yourself now that Spring is kicking into gear.

What You’ll Soon Discover As Part Of Your 4 Week Busy Mums Transformation System:

** How to tone and finally lose your embarrassing tummy so you can wear that tight fitting top instead of the usual baggy t-shirt, all without spending hours in a sweaty gym or giving up those cheeky glasses of wine

(Say goodbye to that bloated feeling forever!)

** The one ‘magic’ ingredient that’ll help kill your cravings and maximise your weight loss at the same time even if you’re a choc a day girl

(NOTE: I’ll even share with you a chocolate that you can have every day if your heart desires!)

** How to burn more body fat by doing LESS exercise (and without doing cardio) so that you can lose weight and not have to compromise your family time

** How your favourite ‘naughty’ foods can actually help you finally break through that weight plateau you’re currently stuck at

** How you can get the best quality sleep you’ve had since before your kids were born

(even if you still have to get up during the night to attend to them)

** How to have your skin looking clearer and fresher than it ever has before so that your friends beg you for your ‘anti-aging’ secret and even accuse you of having work done!

You can achieve all of this and more without even having to worry about obsessing over calorie counting ever again!

Don’t believe it’s as good as I think it is?

See what the mums who successfully completed the last program had to say here


(and while you’re there join us on the next one for only $97)

There’s the photo proof as well as a video of those who’ve done it sharing their story.

We’re starting Monday – and I only have 13 spots left as I write this.

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