Would you want to live to 100?

I could do without a letter from the Queen, that wouldn’t phase me.
Although I’m guessing if I ever do make it to century, she’ll be long gone by then.

But I’ll pass on the letter nonetheless.

It makes an interesting question considering no one really wants to drop off the perch anytime soon.

If I was to make it that far I’d be hanging out for the full body transplant to become a thing – I’d be happy to trade in some of my dodgy parts for better ones.

Anyways, the point of this talk comes from an article I was reading about how the Okinawans in Japan manage to constantly have the highest amount of people who make it to 100.

So there must be something in what they eat right?

After all, it can’t all come down to good genetics if so many of them can make the ton.

According to researchers, their diet is mainly made up of Seafood, seaweed. whole grains.

Interestingly, they eat more sweet potato then rice compared to the rest of Japan for a carb hit.

And somewhat surprisingly, they eat a bit of soy especially tofu.

I say somewhat surprisingly cause soy isn’t always recommended these days.

But I’d suggest whatever version they eat is a lot less processed and modified from what us westerners get exposed to.

They also drink lots of jasmine tea.

All in all, one of the most important things they follow is they stop eating BEFORE they’re full.

Probably helps explain why they don’t have an obesity problem.

The one thing they didn’t mention was exercise.

Now they may not be joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer, but you can imagine they’d be a bit more active in their day to day lifestyle than most westerners.

So if you’re going to live to 100, and you want to follow that Okinawan style diet or something similar, 

you’re also going to need a nice little training program to get you over the line seeing as we have a mostly sedentary life at work compared to them.

Cause after all, there’s no point living to 100, only to spend it in a nursing home unable to move cause you didn’t keep the body strong and moving.

I can help you out there.

Or maybe you have a partner, or a friend who is looking for a bit of action right now?

There’s 3 options that can work:

1) Personal Training– I still have the early morning 30 minute sessions available Wed/Fri plus lunch time slots on a couple of other days

2) Small group training at either of the Lilyfield or Observatory Hill sessions
Although it’s looking like Friday is pretty much at capacity for our Lilyfield group.

Still room on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday though for now.

Saturday mornings have a couple of spaces too.

3) Grab a copy of my Short ‘N Sweet Home Workout book. That’ll cover 6 months worth of follow along at home workouts that’ll get your heart rate up and do the job in only 20 minutes.

Choose one that will work for your situation.

And back to that Okinawan style diet. Would you do it yourself?

I’m happy incorporating parts of it but not full blown Okinawan for me.



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