You know how there’s always someone from the morals police who’s always offended on behalf of someone else when no crime has actually be committed, well we have another story that emerged last week.

This one will leave you not only shaking your head but also fearing for this ladies poor kids.

Anyways, a mum in Indiana (where else but America) wrote a letter to a Notre Dame University stating that as a catholic mum of 2 boys she was offended by the amount of girls wearing leggings.


Not because they were fitter or younger than her.

But because she was worried about young boys/men being exposed to them.

God help me now.

Or as Frank Costanza would yell out “SERENITY NOW!”

Maybe the more appropriate reference to this is Reverend Lovejoy’s wife who’s name escapes me screaming out “Won’t somebody please think of the children” every time someone did anything in The Simpsons.

Like I said, I fear for her kids if they have to grow up with that nonsense.

And in this day and age of victim shaming and the me too movement, you’d think she’d know better and focus on bringing her boys up to respect women and their right to choose whatever they want to wear.

Oh well, I guess it’s back to her little bubble and focusing on her life rather than what someone else might take offence at.

The good thing that came out of this nonsense was there was a predictable backlash, with the girls at the uni posting all over social media photos of themselves in their leggings and coming together.

Good on them.

The good news is at DPM you can wear whatever you want. 

You won’t be shamed if you wear your old t-shirt from the New Kids On The

Block reunion tour (that’s on you if you do though…)

Or if you wear your leggings.

Or if you choose not to wear your DPM shirt.

Wear whatever you want.

Even if it doesn’t match.

There’s no uniform and no judgement.

It’s not a fashion parade.


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