Don’t really go in for quotes much these days.

I mean, sure, they can pump up your tyres for a short time,

but then reality hits and you’re still where you where.

Especially if you haven’t done anything to change your situation.

No amount of visualisation or ‘manifesting’ can change that unless you change.

But that’s not to hate on those type of people.

They’re just doing their best too.

But this quote gave me a bit of a WOW moment.

It was from social psychologist Roy Baumeister (who I’d never heard of before reading the quote).

But I googled him and he’s a bit of a big deal I guess if he’s got his own Wiki page.

Anyways, here’s his words of wisdom:

“Willpower is like a muscle that becomes fatigued from overuse”.

Make sense to you?

Basically, he’s saying that the more you try to use willpower, the more fatigued you’ll get.

And probably end up giving up and going back to the old ways.

Very, very interesting point I thought.

But it gets better.

He reckons that people who DO succeed aren’t better at willpower than anyone else,

they just develop better habits and routines each day to help them succeed.

Which in turn become automatic the more you do them.

As the cool kids like to say:

Mind = BLOWN!

Wouldn’t you agree?

That little insight is pretty cool.

And comforting too.

Sure, it may be obvious, but to see it written out like that really resonated with me.

Especially if you’re the type of mum who beats herself up cause your willpower sucks.

No matter how ‘good’ you try to be, it may resonate with you too.

Sometimes my willpower is pretty ordinary too I gotta confess.

But hey, I’m human just like you.

The good thing is though, all we have to do is try and do better today than we did yesterday.

Even if it’s not perfect.

Like I always say, you’re just looking for progress, not perfection.

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