Like I’ve mentioned a few times lately, I’ve had to make a few changes when it comes to reducing my meat intake and a couple of other things lately.

It was either that or there was a high chance I’d be following in my Dads footsteps. Not what i really want…

So this headline got my interest last week NOT V GOOD: Vegan and veggie meals at fast food chains ‘more likely to give you a heart attack than meat burgers’

After all, you’d be living under a rock if you haven’t seen the ads on tv lately about how the new vego pattie supposedly tastes so much like real meat.

I must admit I haven’t tried any of those, but I was curious to get something similar and throw them on the barbie for a homemade burger night which I don’t mind every now and then that was a good meat free alternative.

But according to the dietician quoted, the reason for them being so bad is because they are so over processed and contain more highly processed carbs and less protein than the meat ones.

Then you add in all the salt and dodgy oils etc and it isn’t a good recipe.

Hence your heart attack risk is higher if you eat them regularly in the misguided belief it’s a better option for you.

I even picked up one brand on the weekend when we were doing the shopping and put it straight back when I realised the ingredients list was as long as your arm and a lot different from a typical rissole or meat patty that you can easily whip up at home with a bit of mince, some onion, herbs and egg or whatever to hold it together.

So don’t believe the hype as Public Enemy once said.

Meat free isn’t always better.

Do your homework to make sure your meat free alternative isn’t actually going to be worse off for you in the long run.

I guess when I want a meat free patty we’ll be whipping it up ourselves at home with some meat alternative. 


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