Like I’ve been mentioning over the course of the month,

January 31 is the last day to register a friend of yours (or more) to take advantage of the dinner on me promo.

That means today!

Just to refresh your memory, I want to shout you a $200 dinner voucher anywhere you choose.

And your friend will cop one too.

All you have to do is spread the DPM word and get one of your friends to join you as part of Team DPM.

They don’t have to do your exact session.

They can join any of my small groups or even train 1-on-1 with me.

They can even sign up for online personal training which means they can be anywhere in this world of ours.

Invite em along and once they join and start to lose their stubborn 5-10kg that they can’t seem to shift,

no matter what they’ve tried in the past,

they’ll not only thank you for being able to look at themselves in the mirror again

and fit into their old skinny jeans that they couldn’t bring themselves to throw away,

you will both also be eligible to score that elusive $200 dinner gift voucher (one each) to anywhere you choose to dine at.

As soon as they’ve been part of Team DPM for 6 months, I’ll ask you where you want to eat.

A week later you’ll have one voucher each worth $200 each.

So yep it’s pretty simple.

You can register them here

Click here to register them right now

And if you’re stuck about how to go about it?

Simply place this as your facebook status right now:


Wanna join my training group? Not only will you lose those couple of kilos you promised yourself, you and I can both score a $200 dinner voucher each once you’ve been training with Dan for 6 months.

Todays the last day to register your interest. Just comment if you’re keen 


Simple right?

Copy and paste.

Or if you want to put it in your words go ahead.

Tag me in it if we’re friends and I’ll be happy to answer any questions your friend may have.

Thanks in advance.


PS – come midnight this is off the table and if you have any questions just hit reply and let me know.

Remember they only have to be registered by midnight tonight to be eligible.

We can arrange their start date for a week on the house over the next couple of weeks. 

Click here to register them right now


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