Every now and then you get a prompt from your phone to update your software with the latest edition.

Same with your computer.

And of course you update your wardrobe every so often.

So it brings me to this question:

Are you making sure you update your workout routine too?

Just because something is working really well for you now, doesn’t mean it’s going to continue to work endlessly.

Your body will eventually adapt.

That’s why we’re constantly changing up what we’re doing at DPM – to keep you progressing.

There’s no point in being stuck in the same place.

Plateaus suck for everyone.

Especially when it comes to your training progress.

You start feeling great.

You start noticing some real changes.

Maybe you have more energy?

You may be sleeping better?

Maybe you are drinking less?

Or maybe you might be doing more in the same space of time exercise wise?

That feels good right?

But the key is to keep progressing.

Change things up.

We’re into week 4 now believe it or not of our DPM 6 Week Winter Challenge.

And on Friday they got access to the latest follow along home workout to help keep their motivation and progress on track.

To ensure that all the progress they have made over the last 3 weeks continues over the next 3.

You don’t have to change every 3 weeks, but I wouldn’t be leaving it much longer than that. 4-6 weeks at the absolute latest.

Change is good.

And of course if you want to have all that planning and work done for you, then hit reply and let’s have a chat about how I can help you with your workouts.

Be that in person 1-on-1, via our groups or even via zoom.

It’s all possible with DPM and technology now.


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