So I got a challenge for you today.

Not a workout challenge.

In fact it’s got nothing to do with working out.

More something to give you credit in the good karma bank.

Last week I came across something on Linked In that caught my eye.

One of the DPMers, Phil, put a call out for people to send a care package to an Aussie serving overseas.

It’s a cause close to his heart, being someone who’s previously served, and still involved these days with looking after the wellbeing of soldiers.

So I took it up.

Got mine in the mail last week.

Phil actually hooked me up with a soldier to send one off to,

but what you can do if you know someone who is currently overseas doing their bit for our country,

hook them up.

Or maybe someone you know knows someone?

Putting the call out on facebook was the suggestion as chances are someone knows someone.

I wanted it to be someone I didn’t know for the one I sent out.

Just for the fact of doing something for someone who doesn’t know me, or I don’t know them I thought was cool.

There’s also a way to send one anonymously according to a google search I did if that’s your cup of tea.

That way any random soldier can benefit.

If it’s something you’re interested in, give it a go.

Shipping is free via Aus post so long as the package is 2kg or less.

To be honest, this has nothing to do with your thoughts on war or whether they should be there or not.

The fact is they are.

This is to help out some of our own who might enjoy getting something from some random Aussie back home.

So how bout it?

You up for the challenge?



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