This two cents for today is something that I read recently from Gary Vaynerchuk, who you may know from one of many avenues. Basically he’s a pretty smart bloke.

Anyways, what he said is something that I hope you take notice of.

Even if it’s a little uncomfortable to hear:

Accountability leads to enormous happiness.

Kinda obvious, but it might also be hard for some people to swallow.

Cause after all, we’re responsible for wherever we are right now.
Good or bad or anywhere in between.

So hopefully this little piece of advice, or reminder, is another piece in the puzzle you need to help you on your journey.

If nothing else, hopefully it’s a timely little bit of motivation to help you on a random Thursday morning with a bit of positive reinforcement to keep doing what you’ve been doing, or to change what hasn’t been working.

And if I can help you with that accountability, then hit reply and let me know how I can help.



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