We both know that you have to try new things every now and then to see whether they are effective or not.

And today I have something new that you might be interested in.

I’m going to introduce, at least temporarily, a DPM 10 Pack casual pass.

Now, I can’t say whether this will be a permanent thing or not.

I have no idea if it will work, or whether it will be popular.

I just know that when I originally started doing the monthly packages years ago, things were a lot different for a lot of people.

Myself included.

As in I hadn’t become a parent yet.

And I had a lot more free time on my hands as a result of that.

Anyways, that’s not the point of this.

I also realise that a lot of peoples work situations and demands have increased over the years too.

Which means that you definitely need an exercise option that might be a bit more convenient that a traditional monthly package.

The point is this new 10 pack option is something I’m going to trial.

So if you can’t make a regular DPM commitment due to work or family, but would still like to get some action in when you can, this might be for you.

The investment?


Yes, it is a little bit more than a regular monthly package would break down to be on a per session basis but this is the point of paying for convenience.

It comes at a premium.

And you have 3 months to use your 10 sessions.

So that’s fair on you and me.

Now after reading all of that and if you want to give it a run for yourself to see whether this will work for you – all you have to do is lock in your package here.

Click Here To Lock In Your DPM 10 Pack

If you’ve got a question over it let me know.

There will be no physical pass as such where you get it whole punched off each time, I’ll mark you off on my register and it will count as a session each time you come.

That way you won’t have to worry about remembering to bring it.

Let’s see how it goes.

If it works and becomes something that adds value to people then we might keep it.

If not, I’ll turf it.

Like I mentioned, the regular DPMers won’t be disadvantaged because your training package investment is a lot lower than this.

But if it helps get more people outside exercising at this time of year, then it is going to be a good thing.


PS – here’s that link again to lock in your 10 pack for $275

Click Here To Lock In Your DPM 10 Pack


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