Got something to share with you today that I shared with one of my online groups at the start of the week.

I figured the take home message is important so it might be relevant to where you might be at right now.

And it’s a simple tip, but a powerful one.

Making things simplified makes the unachievable seem doable.

Cause you’re breaking things down into smaller steps that seem more doable.

Say you want to lose 10kg right now.

That might seem a hell of a lot.

But if you start small.

Start doing one thing at a time.

Making your choices today better than they were yesterday, that’s a win.

Add a few wins together and you start to get a nice winning streak.

And you start feeling better.

Funnily enough, you also start losing those kgs too!

So with these words of wisdom lets look at this game plan:

Keep things simple.

Look at your week and what you can plan into it.

It might be a workout with us.

It might be one of our home workouts.

It might be something you do with a friend or by yourself.

Be realistic.

If you haven’t done much lately, start with one session.


Give it 20 minutes.

Get something done.

If you’ve only been doing once a week and the clothes aren’t feeling any looser try something different.

Look at your food.

What can you change there?

Can you add in another workout day?

Pick something small.

Get it done.

Just do something.

The next step is kinda important too.

Practice a bit of self love – pick one that that you are going to do for yourself this week.

It might be something as simple as having a bath by yourself after the kids go to bed.

It might be something extravagant like a massage.

It might be just reading a book before bed so you can unwind.

It might be a reward of a new top cause you’ve lost a few kgs.

Whatever it is, you gotta do something for yourself every now and then right?


By the way, if you’re interested in doing something to step out of your current situation.

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Maybe you’d love to join in on the DPM action,

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