Got another bodyweight workout for you today – one that you can do for yourself at home.

It’s actually an old workout I put up on you tube years ago – 2009 in fact so when I say I’ve been around for a while, you have the proof right there.

Anyways, this is bit of a 50 challenge workout.

10 exercises. 50 reps each before you move on.

The challenge is to knock it over in less than 20 minutes.

But obviously, rest when needed.

If you can’t get through an exercise of 50 straight, do as much as you can.

Have a short rest, then keep going till you hit the 50.
So here goes:

1) T Push Ups 
2) Squat Jumps 
3) Hand Walks 
4) Stick Ups 
5) Split Squats Left Leg 
6) Split Squats Right Leg 
7) Russian Twists 
8) Diamond Push Ups 
9) Glute Bridge March (25 each leg – 50 total) 
10) Sprinters Shuffles (25 each leg – 50 total)

Well how did you go?

I’ll say one thing that I’ve learned in the 9 years since – I don’t do Russian Twists as much as I used to as it can tend to put more grief on your lower back for some people who are susceptible.

Just pick an alternate ab exercise like Scissors if this is you.


PS – If you want to check the video for a demo on any of the exercises, you can do so here (just ignore the website in the watermark as I don’t own that anymore)