Today I’ve got a little challenge for you if you’re up for it.

I shared it with our Transformation Contest group yesterday and I thought you might get some benefit from it too.

So here goes:

Reflect back and compare where you’re at now to where you were at what you wrote to me about on day 1.
(now day 1 for you might have been a few months ago or it may well have been years ago when you first started off on your DPM journey so that’s still relevant for your point of view).

Whatever the time frame, when you think back and look at things you’ll no doubt notice that in whatever that timeframe has been, you’ve made some pretty significant ground!

Would you agree?

And recognising this is definitely important.

Cause we have to celebrate our wins.

Not just for the feel good point of view, but also because those wins are clues to what we have to keep doing to get what we eventually want.

So today I’m setting you that challenge.

Reply back and let me know the most significant thing/s you’ve noticed since you started off on your own journey, and if you’re struggling with anything, once again let me know.

I’ll put mine out there for you now, cause I’ve been playing along at home with this little challenge for myself too.

But also for a bit of accountability.

For me, the biggest things I’ve noticed over the last 3.5 weeks are

– a couple of kgs down on the scales – and it’s a noticeable difference when I look in the mirror too (which is exactly what I wanted when I started off with this)

– being a lot smarter with my food 

– being more mindful about when I eat and not just eating for the sake of eating

My struggles?

Last weekend I relaxed on my cheat meals.

Had a bit more than I should have.

Got comfortable with the results I was starting to see.

So I can tidy that up this weekend.

Well, that’s the plan anyways!

Now over to you.