Today’s a big day in a lot of houses around the world.

Halloween of course.

Is it a thing with your kids?

For the first time ever, I had to go and buy a costume with Emily the other week so she could wear to preschool.

Although she does love a dress up anyways -defintiely didn’t get that from me.

We won’t be out going door to door though.

Now, personally, I’m not one who’s big on Halloween.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I mean, out of all the American traditions we could have embraced here,

Thanksgiving would’ve been perfect considering that for one, it’s a public holiday where they play football and eat turkey,

but most importantly, it’s all about being with your family.

BUT in saying all of that, I’m not going to begrudge a kid who wants to go out trick or treating.

After all, they could have their nose buried in a phone or iPad instead.

So it could always be worse.

The only downside I guess is the score they come home with.

Cause after all, does anyone say trick when a little kid knocks on their door?


But how are you going to deal with the bag full of sugar they come home with?

There’s a couple of options.

1) Let them go to town and stuff themselves 

2) Space it out and ration them so they last a while

3) You end up ‘taking one for the team’ and eat half their stash to save them from the sugar overload – meaning you stuff yourself.

What’s your go-to?

After all, I have no experience here.

But I know from experience at Easter, my game plan is to always get rid of the stuff as quick as possible.

That way it’s not there to tempt me to the dark side for too long.

And somewhat surprisingly, there’s actually some evidence that this approach isn’t a bad one.

According to an Associate Professor at Sydney Uni, it can actually be better to take in all those calories at once.

Sounds kinda crazy right?

How so?

The deal here is your body speeds up it’s metabolic rate so you end up processing those calories faster.

Interesting concept.

So with that in mind, what’s your answer to those three options above now?

And i’ll just provide this little footnote – especially if you’re on our Transformation Contest and worried about how to navigate it all.

You want to have some of your kids stash?


Go for it.

Count it as a cheat for the week.

Just don’t have your carb day tomorrow.

And do a workout to maximise this reported boost in metabolism.

Like I said, it’s pretty simple right?

Your week isn’t ruined.

You just plan around it.

Hope that helps.