Ok, like I mentioned yesterday, we are going ahead as of next Monday – October 22 with a big 8 week transformation contest,

And I want you in it!

Now, this isn’t exclusively for someone who wants to lose a couple of kilos.

Sure, it’s the perfect place if this is you.


– if you just want to get a bit more accountability, then you’ll find this perfect.

– if you want me to do the workout with you – and all you have to do is click the follow along video so you don’t have to look at a timer or worry about anything else apart from pushing playing and doing what i tell you to do, once again you’ll find this perfect.

Basically, this alone is the closest thing you can get to having me actually running a session for you in person and something that I haven’t done before as part of a transformation contest.

– Also if you just want to ensure that you don’t put on any weight as you navigate the upcoming silly season festivities – then once again, you’ll get exactly what you want out of this

– Or maybe you find you just respond better when you have a challenge to work towards?

So what do you actually get access to with this 8 week contest?

– well of course you’ll get a workout to follow for month 1 (and the video mentioned above)

– you’ll get one for month 2 as well to step these up. That covers our 8 weeks.

These workouts – and videos – show you the beginners example if you’re just starting out – or getting back on the horse after a bit of an extended break – or birth of your child

– all the way up to advanced versions even including stuff like rollers to make your workout just that little bit more effective.

– not to mention you get to harness the power of a small group environment and benefit from knowing that you’re not doing this on your own = you’ll be surrounded by others who are in it for the same reasons as you.

This time around we’re going to combine the private facebook group formula which has worked so well in previous editions

– people get to help each other when you’re struggling and celebrate your successes – plus share some recipe ideas that worked for you and your family 

and we’re going to try out a What’s App Group chat thing too. Once I work out how that thing all happens!

(that’s a challenge for later this week)

PLUS here’s what you get with the DPM All-In Bonus package that you may have heard me mention, just so you understand exactly everything you’re getting – and the value included for your small $199 investment 

* A free copy of my Short ‘N Sweet book delivered to your door anywhere in the world – plus a PDF copy so you can access it instantly (we’re using Month 1 and Month 2 from the book as the basis for this transformation contest)

* Every single full length workout video in the book (six in total), plus six months’ access to the accompanying DPM Online Training app via Trainerize ($294 separately.)

– the beauty of this is you’ll have another 4 months worth of workouts = and their videos to keep you going once we finish things.
The customised Trainerize app uploads each month’s workout for you. All you have to do is click on the workout and press play once I add your access.

* You’ll get the video URL link to watch on my hosted Vimeo page and I’ll give you a link to download each video in my special Dropbox folder in .mp4 format. ($99 separately.)

* The DPM 6 Week Re-Set System comprising of 42 daily emails with a simple mission each day, as well as the full food plan and my Quick, Healthy Meals recipe book ($97 separately.)

Those who have done this before will tell you how much more effective that is when you see how we break things down so simply – to make it all seem more achievable

(these will also be uploaded to the facebook group and hopefully the watts up thing too to make it easier for you)

That’s $490 in total value just for the free bonuses before you even take into account the fact this I’ll be selling this for $247 as part of the book launch.

You’ll get all that extra thrown in when you join me for this Transformation Contest.

Call it a book launch special bonus for early action takers!

Oh yeah, and there’s a prize or three too that I’m still finalising at this point. But I reckon you’ll be pretty happy with them.

So after all that, if you still have any questions, let me know and I’ll help you out.

Otherwise, lock it in now and confirm your spot.

You can confirm your place by clicking here


PS – we start Monday like I said, but you’ll get early access to get the head start if you’re a fast action taker and join now. You’ll have it all in your inbox by tomorrow.