Hope you enjoyed a great Christmas with the family!

Thought for todays instalment of a top 5 list I’d focus on 5 of my favourite things that you can use to help your training along.

Either to make a workout harder, or to use pre-post workout.

So let’s get amongst it and see if there’s anything that you’d add if you were making your own list.

1. Foam Roller

Still after all these years of using them they still rate top of my list.

They can be used for their intended use as a stretching, prehab/rehab tool.

But as DPMers would know, they can also be used to make your workout harder – be that for abs action or push ups or what have you.

Your limit is your imagination with what they can be used for.

2. Resistance Tubes

Another thing we’ve used for years and years. Unfortunately they don’t make the main ones we use anymore but there is a substitute that I’ve found in the US. 

They are stronger than the ones you find in Rebel and the like but anything is going to be better than nothing.

3. Trigger Point Massage Balls

You can use anything – a cricket ball, golf ball, tennis ball or whatever you have access to, but throw these under neath your tight spot and it’ll help do the job of releasing it and giving you a little bit of relief before you get a proper massage.

4. Mini Bands

We use them from time to time to add some resistance to certain exercises be that ab work or side lunges or even something like a Stick Up to make it harder.

They are one of the cheapest things you can get to add to your workout

5. A humble plug, but I have a copy left of my Short N’ Sweet book left available for $25 delivered.

This will give you 6 workouts to follow that are all timer based as well as some other tips and stuff to help you on your journey.

That’s my two cents – let me know what yours are.


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