For something different during this 2 week Christmas break I thought I’d post a couple of top 5 lists for a bit of fun.

Hopefully you can find something out of each one.

Today I thought I’d give it bit of self promotion and list the top 5 episodes I enjoyed the most out of the Small Business Dads podcast this year.

If you missed this, it was an idea that I had in the back of my head at the start of the year and I finally pulled the trigger when the lockdown hit us meaning I had a little bit more time at home – as did my guests – to be able to do something like this.

52 episodes later here we are.

There were some really interesting chats and some great insights shared.

Here’s my pick:

1. Episode 3 – Jason Sotiris from Supertee.

Jason is a top bloke who I’d never met before this chat, but as he mentioned afterwards to me, it was just like 2 mates having a chat over a beer – something I wanted this whole series to come across as.

His story about how his daughters rough battle with cancer when a toddler inspired him to create a business that helps sick kids is awesome.

His brand has only increased this year cause of some great media publicity and awards won and if you have some spare cash to throw around at this time of year, helping a sick kid is a pretty great cause to put it towards.

2. Episode 13 – Dan Ireland from Awareful.

Dan comes across as an honest and genuine bloke – someone who makes you feel comfortable.

I’ve never been the type of person to embrace mindfulness and meditation and the like, but what he shared made me think of it differently. I’d encourage you to have a listen too.

3. Episode 49 – Luke Chant from Hotwire Heating

This was one of my favourites, not for the business side of the chat, more so for the two things that Luke introduced as a dad that really helped change his relationship with his kids

4. Episode 42 – Phil Hayes St Clair from Be In Motion

I’m biased here, cause Phil is a friend and a DPMer but his Be In Motion side hustle is a great way to pay it forward to someone who either needs a bit of recognition or a bit of encouragement if they’re doing it tough.

He also shares some great dad tips including a book that is a must read for anyone with a daughter.

5. Episode 11 – Stan Giaouris from Construction Advisers

Once again, another one worth the listen not so much for the business, but for the message that not only saved Stan’s marriage, but also greatly improved his relationship with his kids and also his own health. 
If you’ve struggled this year, this episode is a must listen.

You can listen to all the episodes here

or of course on your favourite podcast app.

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Hopefully this gives you some summer listening to get your ears around.
And if you do like them, please share with someone you know who it may benefit.

The more ears these stories get to, the better for everyone.


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