So last week I gave a couple of top 5 lists, and I thought I’d continue the holiday action with another one.

This time my top 5 favourite exercises of 2020.

Note that this isn’t a definitive list.

It’s just stuff that we found ourselves doing at DPM more than others.

Any regular will nod their head and agree when they see what’s to follow, but they are all effective and all have their place in most workouts for most people – obviously dependent on your injury history of course.

So here we go:

1. Up & Overs

A great ab exercise that hits all over and a few variations to keep you going if you have a niggle or two in the lower back

2. 1 Arm Wall Push Ups

We didn’t do these heaps – I did in my personal workouts, but they are a great way of isolating one side of your body at a time. You can use a tree of course if you don’t have a wall.

And to make it harder – just stand further back.

3. Deadlifts

If you’ve got a tube, these are one of the best exercises you can do for the lower body as well as strengthening your lower back.

4. Tube Rows

Same goes for one of the best upper body exercises – you just need a tube.

5. Tabletop Holds

A great full body exercise made even more challenging by using a roller for either your hands or your forearms.

Does your favourite make the list here?

What did I leave off?


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