Cast your mind back about 25 years or so,

and George Michael had a pretty cool song ‘Too funky’.

How good was that song?

And as a teenage kid I thought the film clip with all those supermodels was about as good as it got too.

Anyways, there’s a new playground/play centre in Alexandria, Nubo, that’s a bit too fancy for mine.

I haven’t been there, but after reading an article on this Scandinavian inspired play centre its straight out of the future.

Well call this what you will.

Too funky, too fancy or what the world has been crying out for,

I’ll leave you to decide.

“The brief was to design a play centre that provides an innovative new educational play space that connects families through purposeful design and quality learning experiences.

Nubo believe that traditional play centres are overstimulating for children, and have instead designed a space that offers a more calming aesthetic, and nourishes children’s development as well as their social, physical and emotional skills”.

Ok then.

You been?

My 2 cents though is let kids be kids.

They have no idea whether something is the most expensive or newest technology or whatever.

All you gotta do to get that is see a baby more interested in the wrapping paper than the actual present.

Or a toddler that’s just as happy with a colouring book and pencils than something that cost you a bomb.


Anyways, this reminds of when people try and get too fancy with their training routine.

They see some fancy gimmick, diet or latest fad and jump on.

Sometimes wasting a stupid amount of money in the process.

Sound familiar?

When really, the true secret to getting rid of those stubborn kilos that seem to stick around like an uninvited pest around your tummy is quiet simple.

And has worked time and time again.

Just like kids love nothing more than running around a playground that has a slide and a swing or three.

Or a play centre that lets them jump, run and climb and be kids.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

The truth is, it ain’t sexy.

You just gotta follow a program that produces results in a short amount of time,

like what we do at Team DPM, and just like we have done for coming up on 12 years now.

Just as importantly though, you also need to get a nutritional blueprint that doesn’t require a degree in neuroscience to understand and follow.

Something that doesn’t require you to spend too much time on preparation like all those Instagram show ponies that brag about cooking a weeks worth of meals on a Sunday.

They’ve got more time than me…

After you’ve got those simple things, you just need the most important ingredient – someone to keep you accountable.

And guess who does that best…

Yep me.


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