What goes through your mind when you decide whether to click open on an email like this, or any others you receive?

Is it the title?

The little blurb that you can see in your inbox?

Or the person who sends it?

I can say it’s all little from all 3 columns for me.

The reason why I ask this is cause I know that you don’t open up every email that comes through.

I know I sure don’t.

Even if it’s from reading lists I’ve subscribed to that I usually open on.

Time is one factor too.

The more time pressed you are, the less you’ll open.

That’s a given.

Anyways the reason for all of this is cause I understand that you’re not going to open every single email that I send.

It’s also why I try and send out consistently.

With a theory of the more I send out, the more likely you are to open some of them.

And it’s also the same reason why sometimes you see a theory or message get repeated semi regularly.

One, to hit people who may have missed it the first time, but secondly, and more importantly to a degree, to reinforce something that I think is worth reminding you of.

The other reason is cause I never know what is going to hit the mark with different people. Some really resonate, some miss and with different people.

So I hope that helps explain why I send out regularly.

I don’t do it to be a pain in the ar$e.

The unsubscribe button is always at the button if it becomes that way.

But if I can stay at the top of mind for you to remind you to keep on track with your fitness and health, then I’m going to keep on doing it.

And if it helps build a bit of trust with someone who has no idea who I am, and it gets them over the line to do some training in person, then I’m going to keep on doing it.

All in all, I appreciate you reading and being on board and hopefully being kept a little entertained every now and then.

Have a good week.


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