What’s the one thing you’d love to have more of?

Cash? Maybe.

Freedom? For some maybe.

But for most, the answer is time.

How many times have you said “If only I had the time”.

Pretty often I’m guessing.

With that thought comes a list that I saw that had the 20 big ideas that will change your world in 2020.

The first one was about time.

And that people wanted more of it it.

And with that, they mean by taking their time back and having more flexibility in their workplace.

Can you get that with yours now?

Like can you work from home or have the flexibility to go and see the kids get an award at school or whatever?

That’s the priority moving forward they say.

Kinda cool too, cause people are moving on from the getting flogged to death in front of a desk thing.

And the interesting point it raises is that the technology that we sometimes despise is the same thing that gives us the flexibility to have this freedom.

Turns out that while people may technically be working less than they may have before with these arrangements, they’re actually being more productive in that time.

Give a little, get a little back.

Not bad right?

I see the same happening in the next decade with workouts and how we approach exercise.

People will continue to keep getting smarter and realising that you don’t always have to put in an hour or more to get the job done.

You just have to train smart and get the most done with what time you have available.

Whether that means only getting in a microworkout or two throughout the day, to getting in a quick 10 or 20 minute workout.

Whatever gets the job done.

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