Cast your mind back a few years – lets say early nineties.

Kid days.

Not a worry in the world.

Well, you thought you did but in reality we both know now those ‘issues’ were hardly worth the worry. Right?

Anyways, think back then to what we have now.

Mobile phones that fit in the palm of your hand.

That actually possess the answer to any single question you want to know.

Reminds me of something I saw a little while ago – whats the one thing that would spin out a time traveller from the 1940’s?


You tell them that within a minute you can answer pretty much any question that they wanted to know about the world.

They’d look at you like you’re on drugs.

But simple now isn’t it?

Go to Google.

There’s your answer.

They’d be gobsmacked.

Anyways, keeping on this time traveller thing, and seeing how far we’ve come (in some ways) from back in the olden days, let’s go on a journey to what the future might look like.

According to me.

See what you think:

– the obesity epidemic is starting to reverse itself

(cause after all kids rebel and don’t want to be like their obese parents)

– we finally start seeing incentives to exercise – like cheaper health insurance premiums cause the powers that be finally realise that healthier and more active people actually cost the system less

– hipsters are laughed at just like we now laugh at those with mullets

(that meme was right after all)

– the adults of the future won’t have all the tough sticker sleeves like we see now (cause once again, they don’t want to be like their parents)

– And exercise/health time is a component of everyday working environment

It’s now considered normal to be able to take a lunch break to exercise, to not have to work 60 hours a week to meet some unreasonable deadlines for some boss you don’t even like.

In fact, you can even set your work hours.

So long as the job gets done.

Am I being far fetched?

Sure, some are light hearted, but that’s me.

Most of those I reckon can really happen.

Well only time will tell.


PS – what’s your future prediction?


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