Let me throw out a couple of feelings today.

See if you tick the box for any of them.

And if you do, there’s no judgement either way.

It good be a good bit of self analysis to run through anyways.

Cause if you can see a pattern somewhere that you may not have consciously thought about before, it’ll be a good thing to look into why.

So here we go:

Do any of these feelings sound familiar?

* Self doubt and fear

* Procrastination

* Feeling angry at yourself

* Being triggered by other people

* Disappointment

* Overwhelm

* Starting.. then stopping…again

* Not being able to get past where you are now

* Feeling stuck and alone

* Feeling lost and lacking in clarity

And don’t know where to turn to get out of the rut?

If you’ve answered yes you’re not alone.

I put my hand up too for a couple of those at different times.

It can be hard.

Cause it’s easy just letting things stay the same right?

Easy now.

But we always pay later.

So let’s do something to change those feelings.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m currently looking for a couple of people who are looking for an out to any of those feelings they might be experiencing for whatever reason to come and join me at DPM.

Maybe it’s you.

Maybe you know someone who this might be the perfect fit for.

If that’s the case, please forward this email onto them.

(thank you for doing that by the way)

Just make sure they mention your name.There’s 3 options that can work:

1) Personal Training– I still have the early morning 30 minute sessions available Wed/Fri plus lunch time slots on a couple of other days

2) Small group training at either of the Lilyfield or Observatory Hill sessions
Although it’s looking like Friday is pretty much at capacity for our Lilyfield group.

Still room on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday though for now. 5:40-6:40am so you’re home in time to get the kids off to school before you start work yourself.

Saturday mornings have a couple of spaces too. 8-9am.

3) Grab a copy of my Short ‘N Sweet Home Workout book. That’ll cover 6 months worth of follow along at home workouts that’ll get your heart rate up and do the job in only 20 minutes.

And remember, if you encourage a friend to join me at DPM, you’ll not only get your next month free if you’re currently a DPMer (if you’re not I’ll send you a $100 VISA card as a thank you).

Best yet, you and your friend will also score a $200 dinner out on me once they’ve been with DPM for only 6 months.

Why wouldn’t you want to mention those availabilities with an incentive like that?!



Want More Info On Any DPM Training Options?

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