Kinda interesting how your perception of things changes over time. 

Or maybe time is in fact the thing that helps with that. 

Today’s thought is a little different than the usual, but hopefully you still get something out of it. 

It’s 16 years today since my dad died suddenly. 

No point going over the how’s and why’s. I’ve covered that plenty before. 

But the thing that has changed is how I approach the day. 

I used to dread it and be really sad, understandably I guess, but then the next day I’d be sweet again. 

Kinda weird I guess how one day can change things so much. 

Now my thoughts around it are I guess influenced by time, like I mentioned at the start. 

Or maybe it’s the fact that as a dad now I have a different perspective on priority with things.

It is what it is. 

Yes, I wish he could’ve met his grandkids, and my wife and my sisters husband for that matter. 

But once again, it is what it is. 

The way I see it now is more of a lesson for me to keep on top of things. 

Cause I can’t change my genetics. I can only change how I react to them. 

So I need to be on top of things. 

And for me, now I can see that, I am grateful for that. 

Cause otherwise, I could’ve had the same thing happen to me. 

It still can I guess. I am just trying to reduce that risk. 

At least I know about it. 

So rather than sadness, I now am grateful for that lesson I guess cause I want to see my kids grow up. 

The lesson is don’t take your health for granted. 

We all have to keep working on it. 

The question now is are you happy with what you’re doing (or not doing) about your health right now? And if you’re not happy with the answer that comes to mind, what can you do about that?



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