After last weeks throwback Thursday bodyweight workout, I thought I’d delve back into the old DPM files and find another one for you and this one is a nice little cardio challenge.

Excuse the poor video quality and sound and once again, ignore the website that I plug in it as this is another video that’s 10 years old.

Anyways, this one is called the 1K:15 Challenge.


Cause there’s 1000 total reps and your challenge is to do them in 15 minutes.

Here they are:

1) Virtual Skipping x 250

2) Push Ups x 50

3) Star Jumps  250

4) Elephant Side Planks x 50 each side (100 total)

5) Leg Shuffles x 250

6) Squat Jumps x 50

7) Jump Backs x 50

Obviously, some of those are easier than others. Some you may need to break for. Take a short rest. 

Recover, then go again. Do that as many times as you need to get your final total.

Obviously if you have any injury worries or whatever that stop you from  doing a certain exercise, do an alternative.

And if you can’t do it in 15 minutes, that’s cool. Keep a track of how long it took and come back another day to try and beat that time. 

Fair enough?

Let me know if you give it a go!


PS – have you taken the few minutes it’ll take to leave your thoughts on how things are currently and what you’d like to see at DPM?

I’m closing it down tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be glowing feedback either. If there’s something I can do better, or have let slip, let me know your thoughts. No hard feelings. Just  click here to leave me yours.


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